How corrupt American politicians cycle money through Ukraine to get rich and cause war

It is very challenging to filter through the propaganda from western media surrounding Ukraine – this doesn’t help.   Fox News host Maria Bartiromo hosts former Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko, the former installed Ukrainian division operator of the U.S. State Dept NATO laundry operation.

As President, it was Poroschenko’s corrupt government who were supported by Senator John McCain, Senator Lindsey Graham, Senator Amy Klobuchar, former U.S. Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch and the DC politicians who supported Joe and Hunter Biden using Ukraine for financial profit.

Under Poroschenko, Ukraine maintained its status as the number one donor to the Clinton foundation.  It was this corrupt influence system that led to frustrated citizens selecting current President Volodymyr Zelenskyy with his promise of reforms (never happened).

Sunday Talks, Petro Poroshenko Outlines the Importance of American Payments to Ukraine Politicians

Important information crucial to understanding the situation in Ukraine today. Filing this one under “corruption.” ABN

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