Russian President Vladimir Putin has ordered military to seek and destroy US-Deep State bio-labs engaged in top-secret zoonotic and infectious disease research in dozens of locations across Ukraine.

Bioweapons laboratories in Ukrainian cities including Kharkiv, Luhansk, Dnipropetrovsk, and the capital Kyiv, among others locations, have been targeted by Russian troops operating under Putin’s direct orders in recent days.

Meanwhile, the US embassy in Ukraine has been caught scrubbing evidence of biolabs in Ukraine while mainstream media and fact checkers have begun telling the masses that the biolabs don’t exist.

Ukrainian President Volodmyr Zelensky stated Friday that Russian forces are firing at “military installations” leaving analysts speculating that term could include US-installed and operated bio-labs.

According to US government documents, the US has multiple biolabs in Ukraine. In typical Pentagon fashion, these biolabs are marketed as “defense.

Russia has been warning the US for months to stop operating dangerous biolabs on their doorstep. Mainstream media won’t touch the topic now, but they did cover the news in the past.


The above link contains information on specific biolabs in Ukraine. There is a war so all information must be carefully considered. One very dark side of US possible culpability in covid is the US response to the virus. US officials denied any connection to the virus, denied they created parts of the virus, denied it was a bioweapon, denied they funded the Wuhan lab and plotted to defame scientists who said otherwise even though all of that was true. US officials banned early treatments and mandated harmful treatments. At some level they used covid to steal the election. Just yesterday, the end of covid segued perfectly into war in Ukraine, which they are now using to create more panic timed precisely as covid was timed, near the beginning of the election year. Based on that line of thought, we can expect the war to at least fester scarily for another eight months. Maybe we should all start acting afraid so they don’t feel a need to escalate. ABN

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