Blinken actively sought WW3 by trying to goad Poland into transferring MiG-29s to Ukraine

…Now pause for a moment and accept what is evident.  The US Secretary of State, seeking to leverage the public pressure of a global community aligned in favorability toward the Ukrainian people, unilaterally made a national security policy decision that would trigger an escalated NATO conflict with Russia.

The U.S. State Department was willing, intentionally and willfully willing, to set up a scenario that would draw the United States into war with Russia, and Secretary Blinken intended to trigger this “escalation” by pushing Poland into a corner of compliance – without ever discussing it with them.

Pentagon Spox Underscores Sending NATO Planes Into Ukraine Would Be Dangerous “High Risk” Escalation of Conflict Which Could Lead to World War III With Russia

Poland handled this outlandish trickery by Blinken beautifully. Made me laugh out loud when I saw their response: POLAND: Statement of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland in connection with the statement by the US Secretary of State on providing airplanes to Ukraine. ABN

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