Harris completely blows hypnotic technique often used by Obama

“I am here. Standing… here…” ::checks notes::

Originally tweeted by Charlie Spiering (@charliespiering) on March 10, 2022.

The technique is to first state something no one doubts: “I am here, standing here, talking about…” After this information, best intoned in a trancelike voice which Obama was very good at, the speaker then begins to associate bullshit with the obvious first facts. Amazing numbers of people fell for this technique when Obama used it. When he first ran for president, he would say stuff like, “Here I am standing before you tonight… as president of the United States… I will always… The theory behind this is the unconscious mind makes a firm psychological association that Obama is standing before us as president always. He did this so often and other similar techniques in his early campaign speeches, you can probably watch any one of them to get a decent class in how to do this yourself. Harris completely fails, clearly having no understanding of what she is doing. Many other politicians have copied Obama’s entrancement techniques. Early on, when I saw Obama doing this as often as he did, I knew he was fundamentally a creep and a liar because the technique itself is a profoundly narcissistic form of lying. ABN

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