Biden ensures WW3 will smolder and burn at least till November

Yesterday, the Biden administration specifically designated Qatar as a major non-NATO ally {LINK}.

The purpose of this designation is brutally obvious. The United States is putting Qatar back into the business of brokering arms sales from the U.S. government into Ukraine.  Following the geopolitical intervention models previously used in Egypt, Libya and Syria by President Obama and Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden and Antony Blinken are now repeating the process toward Ukraine.

In many ways this should not be a surprise.  Qatar is the financial hub and support network for the Muslim Brotherhood.  Qatar is also the arms broker for covert military operations when the U.S. does not want visible fingerprints.


Psychological operations (psyops) against hundreds of millions of people are run by formulas that are analogous to hypnotic inductions of individuals or small groups. Both are designed to bypass the rational mind to bring about immediate acceptance of the target idea or story. This is why psyops typically entail a sudden event followed immediately by a plausible explanation of what caused it. For large populations, the sudden event and the targeted explanation are very often preprogrammed through movies or ideas floated in the media years ahead of the sudden event. The explanation of the event typically galvanizes the public to hate some group or want to go to war.

The way Ukraine fits this psyop formula is easy to see. Russia suddenly invades Ukraine because Putin is a Bad and wants to reestablish the Soviet Union. After just a few days, many Americans are already clamoring for a no-fly zone in Ukraine which will start WW3 in earnest. There is no mainstream coverage of Russia’s explanation for its behavior. Social media giants are already allowing Orwellian hate speech against against Russia. Covid worked through a similar formula but the enemy was each Western nation’s own people while health officials were the generals or saviors who explained why yet more sacrifice was required. And why anti-maskers and anti-vaxxers were the real enemy. ABN

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