US will lose against Russia, China combined cyberwarfare tech, former Pentagon official warns

American wouldn’t stand “a fighting chance” against the combined cyberwarfare capabilities of Russia and China, the former chief software officer of the United States Air Force told Fox News last week.

“Not many nations would be able to push back,” Nicolas Chaillan said. “I don’t even think the United States would be able to push back if tomorrow Russia and China decide to come together against us.”

“I think it would be very difficult for us to be able to even have a fighting chance, let alone a nation like Ukraine,” he added.

Chaillan also said the invasion in Ukraine is “not the full force of the Russian capabilities,” which he said is “tremendous.”

“They have not used the most innovative capabilities yet. They’re focusing on the more traditional warfighting capabilities,” he told the outlet. “We have to be cautious. I always remind people that [Russian] President [Vladimir] Putin is not stupid. We may not yet understand what his plan was all along.”


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