Gonzalo Lira is in real danger

Lira’s account in the video below–The Daily Beast is Trying to Get Me Killed–is well-worth pondering. The disappearing Lira mentions is one technique, but so is poison, psychosurgery, maiming, directed energy weapons, and more. Western societies are a long way down the tube due to decades of stalking and attacking people like Lira.

I bring this subject up because I have very extensive and detailed knowledge of it and also know that most people do not. In fact, most people have trouble even imagining it. Evil has a frightening force surrounding it and we instinctively turn from it. Real “gang stalking” is not just a bunch of weird people following another weirdo around. Gang stalking is a group of people attacking single individuals one by one; picking them off one by one. They do that to undermine whole communities. It is a form of asymmetric warfare.

I admire Lira for his courage and perspicacity on the war but fear he does not have sophisticated knowledge about gang stalking. The signal The Daily Beast article sent is not just to the Zelensky regime but also other groups who will well-understand what it means. The situation could be as Lira has outlined it. But it could also be much worse than that. He is in a very dangerous position now. What may happen now is he is disappeared, killed or maimed and made crazy to the point that no one will listen to him on anything. Even his friends will not know what happened to him. With all respect to Lira, his moral argument at the end of this video will make real stalkers laugh with pleasure. ABN

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