French Ministry of Defense map with bullet points translated (03/24/22)

link to original

Notable points:
• the pressure on the urban centers of the East
and the South remains in particular at
Mariupol where the Russians produce their
• the general tactical situation remains fixed but the Ukrainian forces lead
some localized counter-attacks.
On the northern front:
• the encirclement maneuver is not
finished and is constrained by the flood of
the Irpin River;

• the town of Makariv would have been taken over after
a Ukrainian counterattack.
On the eastern front:
• the Russian encirclement maneuver
• Russian progress towards this point is slowed down by the fighting, in particular for the
troops arriving from the north and east.
• the Russian urban offensive, supported by
numerous strikes, is in progress;
• Ukrainian forces are surrounded.
• bombardments and fighting are
always intense for the control of the
town and its surroundings;
• Ukrainian counter-offensives
block the Russian advance.

link to original

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