Not-so-secret weaponry

Two major things have to go nuclear: 1) the fact that Biden/Harris are completely illegitimate, no question about it, the election was stolen and their handlers are both evil and incompetent, no question about that either; and 2) Donald Trump is the ONLY politician who has a ghost of a chance of bringing sanity back to USA, the West, and the world. For some reason Trump has been tarred with a deep mind-control brush.

For some reason he is not cool, even to intellectuals who fully recognize that national sovereignty, nationalism, and some semblance of a world with representative governments is the only way to move toward a livable future. I am going to name just three respectable intellectuals who frequently further those ideas while ignoring Trump, but there are many more. Van Wolferen, CA Fitts, and Alex Mercouris all talk about the importance of national sovereignty and lament a looming global dystopia ruled by WEF and company. But they never say the most practical way as of today to avoid that future is through Donald Trump, either in a second presidency or as a kingmaker for a refurbished Republican party. I personally believe the deep semiotics of the “cooties” Trump has for these people is he is an extreme representation of whiteness, maleness, and worldly success. Biden is about to blow up the fucking world and our best people still can’t or won’t understand Trump or speak rationally about his importance. Politics is the art of the possible and Trump is by far the best realistic possibility we have. ABN

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