One thought on ““Do not accept spoon-feeding”: Ethical Skeptic

  1. The Cabal knows that the majority of human beings, the ones who don’t put their faith in God, are stupid. As much as we hate to accord any usefulness to the Cabal, they may be weeding out the souls that make Earth hellish. What is so painful about the endemic evil, stupidity, cowardice and corruption of the political and professional class is that there is no recognition that they shouldn’t be in power and there’s no attempt to remove them from power. There is no recognition of this because most human beings really are stupid.

    If we accept the premise that only souls who have attained a certain spiritual level will be able to exist on an Earth that has a higher vibrational frequency and lower density, then the question arises: where will the rest of them go? What will happen to those who only crave the sense-realm (kamaraga)?

    Two possibilities: suicide by vaccination, or an alternative world-line. A couple I’m acquainted with just moved away. One is a heavy drinker and the other uses cannabis. They aren’t bad neighbors, but they are bad citizens who watch the worst TV programs. They make you wish you were in a different realm. What if my neighbors changed world-lines in between this home and their new home? No one would ever know.

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