“How a chaos maximization strategy serves US interests”

I wrote this a few years ago but people still aren't aware of how a chaos maximization strategy serves US interests. People like to compare US hegemony to late imperial Rome but aren't cognizant of the fact that once Rome no longer had the strength to enforce the Roman peace or

Roman law, that didn’t mean it no longer had the strength to create Roman disorder. The strategic policy of the Eastern Roman empire along frontiers it could no longer govern was to make them ungovernable so no one could. Once the US can longer be the city on a golden hill,

it will not fade quietly but instead seek to be king of the dung heap. What this means in practice is taking advantage of it’s relatively secure and isolated geostrategic position and creating bush fires across the rest of the world for others so that it itself is viewed as an oasis

of stability and security in comparison so that financial flows can be redirected to itself from the rest of the world. Once you move from a win-win game to a lose-lose game, the strategy becomes to make sure that others lose more in relative terms than yourself. It is why the US

is undermining the international system it publicly espouses to uphold and why it's immediate satrapies are being put to the torch first. There are of course ways to strike back at the US strategy here, but none of them are particularly pleasant and beyond the mental blocks of

people who cling to Liberalism or even just basic decency.

Originally tweeted by Duke of Qin (@qin_duke) on April 8, 2022.

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