“The thing that I am talking about is [vaccines are] generating a virus that is highly infectious and highly virulent and RESISTANT to ANY KIND of covid-19 vaccine… that is the end-stage where this virus is going… People think Omicron is a sign that the pandemic is waning and is disappearing. That is NOT TRUE AT ALL…We need to intervene with MASS ANTIVIRAL PROPHYLAXIS”: Geert Vanden Bossche

Since the covid vaccines generate NON-STERILIZING antibodies, continued use of them INCREASES evolutionary pressure on the virus; that is the vaccines are SELECTING FOR viral variants that can evade the vaccines and even use the vaccine-induced NON-STERILIZING antibodies to become MORE VIRULENT, MORE DEADLY. If we don’t stop mass boosters, Vanden Bossche warns, many vaccinees will DIE. ABN

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