“Ukraine’s Fate Is Now in Russia’s Hands”: Interview with Marko Marjanović, Editor of Anti-Empire

…This is a battle that is already 6-weeks old, it is just that until now the Russians didn’t have forces in the theater sufficient for truly spectacular success — because they were not focusing on this theater. Now they are getting massive reinforcements and if they stay true to the best Russian military traditions they will use them all at once and in a way that aims for something big, rather than squander them piecemeal.

How the battle is resolved won’t determine the outcome of the war, but it will determine whether there is a future for the Ukrainian military on the left bank outside cities.

If the Ukrainian army in the Donbass is encircled and marched into captivity then it would demonstrate the folly of trying to hold solid lines against the Russians out in the open.


This is a very different analysis than what is generally provided by Scott Ritter, Larry Johnson, the Saker and Colonel Doug MacGregor. ABN

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