“Recent paper demonstrates that antibodies from the jabbed are much more potent at eliciting a Natural Killer response against Spike expressing cells than are antibodies from an infection”

1/I warned about Antibody Dependent Cellular Cytotoxicity (ADCC) many months ago, and this recent paper demonstrates that antibodies from the jab’d are much more potent at eliciting a Natural Killer response against Spike expressing cells than are antibodies from an infection.

2/ In ADCC, any cell expressing the Spike protein will be targeted for destruction by Natural Killer Cells. Any cells that take up LNP encapsulated mRNA will express Spike and will be destroyed by cytotoxic enzymes release by NK cells.

3/This is one reason why the rate of adverse events goes up with subsequent doses, as ADCC is an antibody-dependent process. According to this paper, vaccinal antibodies are particularly well-suited for activating NK cells — much more so than antibodies from a natural infection.

[This line of analysis is new to me and sounds reasonable. It is not the same phenomenon as Antibody Dependent Enhancement (ADE), which also may be occurring. Dr Corrigan also has a podcast on this subject linked after the fold. PS: I am filing some findings like this under “morality and ethics” because it is grossly immoral for mainstream science, medicine, news, politicians, and pharmaceutical companies to continue to ignore information like this. ABN]

4/ Reference —>


5/Original thread 6 months ago —>

6/ Note: Do not confuse this with Antibody Enhancement (ADE), which is an entirely different process altogether.

6/To be even more clear, biodistribution studies (in rats) show that mRNA/LNPs locate to just about every tissue in the body (to one degree or another). They can even cross the blood brain barrier. They are not simply localized to the deltoid muscle and surrounding lymph nodes.

7/Why does this matter? Because any tissue that takes up the mRNA will express Spike protein. Spike protein acts like a beacon to the primed immune system. Antibodies bind to Spike, the antibodies then tether to Natural Killer cells, and then NK cells destroy that cell.

8/This is why the adverse reaction matrix is so large and diverse. It depends on the stochastic nature of where the LNPs travel in a given person’s body, which is varied and person specific.

9/This will be true for any vector that delivers instructions to your cell (either DNA or mRNA) to synthesize the antigen of interest. By turning your cells into the “vaccine factory,”
your cells are now the enemy. With every booster, your cells become the enemy again.

10/ In a traditional vaccine, this is not the case (because the antigen is produced in a vaccine plant and remains external to your cells upon injection). It was absolutely moronic and insane to employ such a strategy whereby your cells are hijacked to synthesize the antigen.

11/ If you want to learn more about what the Spike protein can do to our body, listen to episode 1 of my podcast—>

Originally tweeted by Dr. Doug Corrigan (@ScienceWDrDoug) on April 17, 2022.

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