Gonzalo Lira: Still missing, some information below

Gonzalo Lira, an American author in Ukraine, has been reported missing by family and friends. Lira’s status has gone viral on social media following his recent disappearance, and CNN Chile has confirmed that his whereabouts are not known.


More here: Cancillería: Familiares de chileno en Ucrania no tienen noticias de él desde el 15 de abril

[Google translation from above link]: Friends and relatives of the Chilean novelist and film director  Gonzalo Lira López , who was in the Ukrainian city of Kharkiv, have lost contact with him since April 15.

From the Ministry of Foreign Affairs they reported that they maintain communication with the relevant entities to report any news about the location of the compatriot.

Since the beginning of the Russian occupation, the writer of Acrobat , Counterparts , Opération Providence and Double Salto used his YouTube channel to tell what was happening in the war between Russia and Ukraine. 


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