MISSISSIPPI: Law BANS covid vaccine mandates

JACKSON — Mississippi is enacting a new law that says state and local government agencies cannot withhold services or refuse jobs to people who choose not to get vaccinated against COVID-19.

The ban applies to state agencies, city and county governments and schools, community colleges and universities. COVID-19 vaccination mandates have not been widespread in Mississippi, but some lawmakers said they were acting against the possibility of government overreach.


This is a law against a particular type of covid pseudoscience and government overreach. There are many other areas of covid pseudoscience and government overreach that must also be remediated. Hundreds of thousands of Americans needlessly died due to horrible medical advice and treatment and horrible governance. All of our problems stemmed from Big Tech, legacy media, and government sponsored DENIAL and REPRESSION of free and open debate on covid. Had there been open debate, the liars and idiots would have been exposed by Spring of 2020 and many thousands of precious lives would have been saved. ABN

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