“How does Russia make sure the US does not enter the war? By making the Russian mode of war BORING”

How does Russia make sure the US does not enter the war?

By making the Russian mode of war BORING.

By making the war over Ukraine methodical, grinding, slow, undramatic—and inevitable.

Let me explain.


A daily must-read @MoonofA had a guest-post by Reasonable Peacekeeper—who got it exactly 180° wrong:

RP suggested Russia sink a carrier with a hypersonic, to scare the US.


This would be a 9/11 moment—and plunge the US into an all-out war against Russia, with nukes.


The US always responds to any dramatic attack in an over-the-top way. They view drama as an excuse to escalate. Pearl Harbor, Gulf of Tonkin, 9/11—you get the picture.

The sinking of a carrier would be a Pearl Harbor moment—even the doviest dove would be screaming for blood.


But if Russia simply continues with this daily artillery grind against the AFU, while methodically, calmly, boringly, predictably interdicting any NATO weapons shipments to AFU forces, the US will get *bored*.

This is the way you keep the US out: By boring it to death.


The US would of course try to provoke the Russians—because America wants and NEEDS drama in its wars.

But if Russia ignores the provocations and continues doing what it's doing, the US will lose interest—

—especially as it becomes clear that the Zelensky regime is losing.


Americans ABHOR losers.

The Zelensky regime is smart to always portray itself with alacrity: As the scrappy underdog that is winning—even when it's losing badly, even when it's lying through its teeth.

The US cannot stomach a loser.


The only thing they hate more than a loser is a boring, stolid, stoic, apathetic grinder—because such a person *bores them*.

Bizarre as it may seem to foreigners, this is a truth every American will agree with: The US hates boring stoic seemingly apathetic people.


The more boring the Russians make this war—with just a relentless grind, no flashy victories and no dramatic breakouts—the less likely the American will be to get into this war.

This also means the Russians have to prevent any false flag at all costs.


A false flag is inherently dramatic. There've been a couple of incidents which were clearly intended as triggers to get the US involved.

They failed—so now the stakes for the Zelensky regime are higher.

They NEED a big splashy dramatic false flag to pull the US in.


Already Adam Kinzinger has a bill that would set automatic triggers for US involvement. The second that law is passed, the Zelensky regime will try to trigger them.

So Russia needs to prevent any and all false flags *at all costs*.

Bore the Americans out of fighting.


Originally tweeted by Gonzalo Lira (@GonzaloLira1968) on May 2, 2022.

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