“Why do breakthrough infections with Omicron have a deleterious impact on both, individual and public health? Why will re-vaccination of C-19 vaccinees with an updated S(Omicron)-based C-19 vaccine during a pandemic make breakthrough infections even more likely and further increase population-level immune pressure on viral virulence?”: Geert Vanden Bossche

…In conclusion, poor neutralizing capacity of anti-S Abs in vaccinees not only enhances their susceptibility to breakthrough infection with Omicron but is also suspicious of delaying viral clearance, thereby promoting prolonged viral shedding and potentially predisposing vaccinees to long-haul Covid while causing them to exert sustained immune pressure on viral virulence [1]. The likelihood of breakthrough infections in C-19 vaccinees will even further increase upon their re-vaccination with an updated S(Omicron)-based C-19 vaccine during the pandemic. This is because re-vaccination will boost the infection-enhancing anti-S Abs and thereby further increase the susceptibility of vaccinees to breakthrough infection. This will result in an even higher capacity of the ACE2 receptor to outcompete broadly neutralizing anti-S(Omicron) Abs for binding to the S-RBM.  


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