How and why China is doing much better than USA

[Important to read the following. It is a comment on an article in the Unz Review. It provides a brief overview of something deeply lacking in our society and in most in the world—a way to place the brightest, most talented and capable people at or near the top of society where, in the main, they will make better decisions than less talented and less intelligent people. Everything below this is a quote. ABN]

People go where they can exercise their talents to the fullest.

I emigrated to the US because grad schools here offered me opportunities that did not exist in my native Australia.

Now China’s crushing immature technologies like quantum communications, AI, supercomputing and utterly dominates every aspect of clean energy.

And they outspend us on R&D, big time. Biden’s promising $1.5 billion for quantum computing. Xi committed $10 billion.

We’ll never keep their best and brightest, the IQ 140+ crowd. China offers them unique opportunities.

Officials in China are held in much higher regard than dukes in the UK, and similarly descendents’ marriage prospects for generations.

These days, the smart kids choose administration or research, but the smartest choose both, because the selection committee (the opaquely named Organization Department) is looking for leaders who are empathic and intellectual geniuses.

Xi, for example grew up in a desperately poor village whose people cast their eyes down in his presence because he could read, and ate bark most winters. He visited and fretted about them until they started giving guided tours of where he lived with them, telling tales of his youth, and showing cracked, faded photos of him as a teenager.

Self-educated, he eventually got a (grudging) BSc in chemical engineering, from Peking University, and later, a PhD in rural marketization.

The #1 priority of the current 5 Year Plan is raising rural incomes through rural marketization.

In 2021, 28% of farmers’ profits came from direct sales to consumers. Billions of smartphones, millions of drones and thousands of miles of high speed rail let Beijingers choose oranges from the bough and receive them next morning.

China’s next president could be one of two current provincial governors. Both have physics PhDs. They previously ran the rocket and space programs, and now they’re ‘father and mother officials,’ to a hundred million people, and responsible for doubling everyone’s real wages of by 2031.

Where else can you exercise such talents?

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