New Covid strain now makes up 43% of cases in the US and at least 66% of all infections in New York, CDC reports: Nearly 600 American deaths from Covid are recorded daily – up 80% over past week

The new BA 2.12.1 COVID-19 variant now makes up 46% of sequenced infections in the U.S., up from 33% the week before

It has a 27% growth advantage over the BA.2 ‘stealth’ variant, which remains the dominant strain making up 56% of sequenced U.S. cases

The variant has made major gains in recent weeks after first being discovered by New York health officials last month, and is now dominant in the region

Experts abroad are warning about the BA.4 and BA.5 Omicron sub-variant that are causing large case surges in South Africa 


These figures fit with what Geert Vanden Bossche has been predicting—that new highly infectious variants will continue circulating among the vaccinated and also become much more deadly to the vaccinated. The only way we can prevent disaster, according to Vanden Bossche, is to stop mass vaccinations and begin distributing antiviral medications immediately. Few in control are listening to Vanden Bossche but he has been right about how vaccines are exacerbating the pandemic for over a year. I highly recommend viewing this video and sharing it with as many as you can. ABN

UPDATE: Officially defining unvaccinated as “anyone who is not fully boosted” seems especially sinister in light of Vanden Bossche’s predictions which are based on anyone who has received a dose of the vaccine though with worsening effects as the number of shots rises. ABN

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