On China lockdowns

Comment from a friend who has spent time in China. There are other factors but I believe this is the deep game behind both China and Western anti-democratic, anti-individualistic, anti-national, anti-freedom moves. ABN

I think I have some idea on the china lockdowns. Namely because it was going on prior to the lockdowns. It is really the same as the west. It seems to me that it is collectivization. When I visited Beijing prior to Covid. They were bricking up and shutting down small independent market streets. With the lockdowns everyone has to order through their phone apps. This is removing the Deng reforms. Everyone now has to live through China big tech. Fully monitored, fully dependent on the state. Just like in the US, close the small businesses and move everything to big tech enterprise. Once you move to it then the next step would be that you cannot buy to own. Everything delivered is just leased.

“You will own nothing and be happy” ~Klaus Schwab. ABN

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