“Sometimes the smoking gun is hidden in plain sight. In the case of covid, most damage was done by a Lancet article distributed to MDs around the world 2/20”

Sometimes the smoking gun is hidden in plain sight. In the case of covid, most damage was done by a Lancet article distributed to MDs around the world 2/20 which I found in my email. This distorted article will likely be considered by historians to be the source of the

purposely deceitful Information that caused the West to collapse its own economies and leadership, causing far more damage than the Kido Butai (task force responsible for Pearl Harbor). Next is the article, and I will discuss the fallacies in it that Fauci etc completely bought as gospel:


First, influenza like illness (ILI) occurs every winter and most cases never test positive for anything, the most frail are hospitalized, develop pneumonia and die, and nothing is gained by a test as the outcome is the same regardless

This study, funded by Chinese government entities, including test developed partly by military seeks to change the narrative on ILI [Influenza-like illness] to appear to be new entity! It introduces concepts that are believed 100% still by the Medical leadership.

First, the study included 813 people, but 622 were excluded (almost 80%!) leaving 191, of whom 54 died, mean age 56. This established falsely that mortality is 1/3 and that it is a middle aged disease, not just winter ILI. This establishes the “novelty” to induce fear.

They introduce the concept of viral shedding, and that only isolation is the solution to prevent spread, measured not by viral particle isolation but by rna detection, as more sensitive but not specific to disease.

They describe fever in patients, including anything greater than 37.3, which is normal! They focus on the promise of specific antiviral medications Lopinavir and ritonavir, and explain how this was zoonotic caused by bats, then the wet market spread.

Essentially this article is the heroically incorrect gospel that Fauci and Collins and others followed that permitted corrupt information from an adversary that essentially caused us to commit economic suicide over what was likely a severe ILI season that was distorted via a

manipulated single article and surrounding theatrics of hazmat suits, spraying streets and inherent xenophobia of wet-market populations by the public. If any journalist wants to investigate, they should look at the investigators and institutions. I have an original pdf too.

(Even I was deceived initially by the correct appearing text of the source article introducing the hoax, even though coincidentally I had an article published the exact same month 2/20 on how ILI is due to seasonality related to humidity)


Originally tweeted by H Stupak (@hstupak1) on May 13, 2022.

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