Dr Geert Vanden Bossche: Predictions on the Evolution of Covid 19, Omicron & Vaccines

At 11:20 a question is posed that elicits an answer that resolves what had seemed to me to be a contradiction between what Ethical Skeptic says about Omicron and what Vanden Bossche is saying. If you have wondered about this, Vanden Bossche answers in a way that no contradiction remains. Basically, he says mass vaccination is not causing or forcing mutations but allowing variants of the virus that already exist to become prominent because they have the ability to evade the vaccine antibodies. Before mass vaccines, these variants may have been obscure and hardly noticed. After mass vaccines they become prominent and eventually dominate due to their ability evade vaccine antibodies. Thus, Omicron may have existed for years but remained weak and/or did not spread widely. When it encountered vaccine induced antibodies, it was able to thrive while other variants (Delta) could not transmit as well. My understanding is over 150 variants of covid exist in the world today. ABN

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