“How did the institutions get it so wrong, sir?” “They’ve been CONQUERED over time…” Dr Peter McCullough

Steve Bannon is right, “this is an institutional crisis”. It was driven top down via “emergency countermeasures” which worked to get compliance with a false narrative about spread, coding, suppression of early therapy, and the mass program unchecked for safety/failing efficacy.

Originally tweeted by Peter McCullough, MD MPH (@P_McCulloughMD) on May 22, 2022.

McCullough gets it. CONQUERED over time. This 100% is precisely the story of America’s downfall which began in earnest after WW2. All of our major institutions and all of our cultural high ground has been conquered over time. The only thing that surprised me about covid was that all of our medical institutions have also been conquered. One million defeated and subjugated doctors abandoned their patients when we needed them most. Filing this one under “infiltration” and “asymmetric warfare” because that’s what it is. ABN

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