Outline of what’s wrong with Durham and USA: “If We The People stop pretending, this house of cards collapses”

Durham has to use the “FBI was duped” approach, because the alternative is just too toxic, dangerous and unimaginable for the public, according to those who control things. It was always going to be this way.

However, that said, y’all know the reality of our situation.

(2) So long as the focus of Durham remained on the outside actors that were pushing the information into the government (DOJ, FBI and CIA), the current outcome and trial pretext was genuinely predictable.

That's why I said long ago there is no real Durham investigation.

(3) I took a lot of flak for saying it, and that's ok; but what I meant when I sent this tweet was exactly the current reality. Durham was *never* looking at the govt bad actors, at all. Only the outsiders.

(4) I mean I get it. I get it all. I understand why the focus on the outsiders and the frustration of those who know the origin had nothing to do with outsiders.

Durham always had this problem 👇

(5) That's essentially the big problem that everyone avoided confronting. Even today there's literally no one brave enough to take that issue head on and ask: "what does it mean when we just ignore that our government targeted a political candidate?"

(6) The premise of every article, pundit opinion, monologue and discussion, is conveyed to ignore the main issue.

The bigger issue is people in our govt (both parties, all institutions, & all 3 branches) participated in targeting a political opponent using govt tools & power.

(7) If, and that's a very big *if*, anyone wanted to expose the scale, scope and weaponization of government, they would be focusing their investigative inquiries and resources to highlight what Robert Mueller and Andrew Weissmann did for two years.

Not Hillary Clinton.

(8) You cannot retrace the crime unless you start at the end of where the criminal activity stopped, and then work backwards.

Mueller/Weissmann et al were part of the crime. They were the cover up. Did far worse than HRC

(9) Until then, all we do is pretend not to know. And articles are written pretending… and speeches are given pretending… and letters are written pretending… and pundit discussions are done while pretending…

Pretending. Pretending. Pretending.

(10) Everyone pretending the United States government did not use all resources and power they control to target, eliminate and then crush the one political entity they viewed as a risk to them.

The pretending continues. The frustration in those who refuse to pretend, mounts.

(11) And so here we are. Claiming to be the biggest, best, and most powerful government in the world; and everything is based on pretending…

Including our acceptance of this guy. All pretending.

(12) If you ask me why everything in the United States seems so destabilized, wobbly, disconcerting, tenuous and off-center, it's because we are all pretending.

If We The People stop pretending, this house of cards collapses.


Originally tweeted by TheLastRefuge (@TheLastRefuge2) on May 26, 2022.

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