War Room Special: The Coming War Over Taiwan

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PART TWO: The Coming War Over Taiwan

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This is a very good discussion, highly recommended. Two points of dissent from me: 1) there is no value in encouraging war with China; preparing is fine but not to save Taiwan; and 2) as realpolitik as this talk is not one of them even vaguely alludes to the fact that USA has been deeply infiltrated and almost entirely taken over by the cabal (call it what you like). The failure of Bannon et al to even allude to this is a strong signal that they know they are defeated and are either consciously doing a limited hangout or doing so unconsciously based on seeing no way out. Maybe they believe they are in a waiting game and are hoping for something to change their cards. That last option is kind of where I am. In public, we can’t say anything or anything much about our near total defeat by the cabal, but nothing is permanent and conditions can always change. ABN

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