CHINA: Protests against lockdowns in Dongxing City

[The videos do not show much rioting but a disturbance with police is clear in the second video after the fold. Notice people being tested for covid are crowded together, which would lead to the spread of the virus if anyone were infected. Most observers, me included, believe these lockdowns are not for covid prevention but for domestic discipline and preparation for war. The war may be to take Taiwan or the CCP may fear an attack from the West; this point can be speculated on in many directions. Jeff Nyquist estimates 280 million Chinese are currently under lockdowns in many cities. This is such a huge number these events cannot be ignored. ABN]

Breaking : Chinese people are rioting now!

Dongxing city ( China-Vietnam border town )
People who can’t bearable brutal lockdown and hunger anymore ( more than 100 days ) are rioting now!
They taking to streets , fighting with police…
2022-06-05 Midnight

Dongxing city

Chinese people , who can’t bearable lockdown and hunger , taking to streets to protest now!
They fighting with police and demanding lift lockdown immediately!
2022-06-25 Midnight

Originally tweeted by Songpinganq (@songpinganq) on June 6, 2022.


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