CHINA: Banks in Shanghai restricting withdrawals; some deposits frozen; contagious virus blamed

Recently, banks across Shanghai shut down automated teller machines (ATM) transactions, alleging a virus spread via cash.

Currently, long lines of people are queuing up in front of banks in Shanghai. Some netizens worry about a wave of mass withdrawals in the future and criticize the banks for intentionally creating panic.

In one video posted by the media channel “Revealing the Truth” (在野說) (Zaiyeshuo), a man outside the CITIC Bank of China said: “Currently, people cannot use ATM machines from banks. They said money has viruses! Don’t think money has viruses, but people have viruses. Bless me. CITIC bank of China!”

Zaiyeshuo’s video said that some banks in Shanghai stopped operating ATMs because of the virus in cash on June 7. Each bank only provides ordinal numbers to 300 for customers to line up to withdraw money.


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