Let your lawn grow WILD!

Put your feet up, enjoy the garden and leave your lawn to grow wild this summer – your local wildlife will thank you.

With more time on our hands and a re-ignited passion for our gardens across the nation it seems many of us are in the midst of full scale garden make-over. Whilst mowing the lawn might seem like a task you can “finally get round to”, our My Wild City team are encouraging you to “say no to the mow” and leave your lawn to grow wild this summer. You might even start a new trend on your street.

A long, luscious lawn provides an excellent habitat and hiding place for many of our beloved garden insects.

Long blades of grass hold onto moisture on the ground, providing a refreshing place for birds, insects and mammals to get a drink and cool-off.

The less you mow, the higher the pollen count will be on your lawn. Increasing the amount of nectar which is available for bees and other pollinators.


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