Sunday Talks, World Bank President Discusses Global Solution to Inflation, Food Shortages – Western Government’s Need to Reverse Direction

World Bank President David Malpass appears on CBS with media propagandist Margaret Brennan, a woman of exceptionally low intelligence, to discuss the current state of global economics and the likely consequences.  I have been saying this for a year and I will repeat, the absence of food will change things.

Within the interview [Transcript Here] the status and solutions that Malpass outlines are accurate and factual, albeit couched in gentle terms acceptable to the globalists. As noted by Malpass, if a shift in messaging and actual policy for energy and finance does not take place, the outcome will be bad for food production and government stability.

The World Bank president accurately states increased production is urgently needed to avoid global shortages.  However, that increase in production is only possible if the leaders of the largest economies reverse their positions on energy development and finance.  The world needs oil and natural gas production to increase dramatically in order to stave off food shortages. Unfortunately, those pragmatic recommendations are falling on deaf political ears.  WATCH:


Well-worth viewing and reading the commentary above. ABN

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