Since the official narrative tells us NOTHING about who used Jeffrey Epstein & Ghislaine Maxwell’s sex slaves, we must do our own research

[Everything below is from a post linked at the bottom. ABN]

Racheal Chandler was at the center of the Epstein pedo island story. She was passed around like a bottle of Crown Royal to all the rich and famous. She connects many in Hollywood and shows how sick their society has become. These people are sick.

Chandler started out as a child sex slave working at the Standard Hotel in New York at age 14. At some point she became a photographer and a recruiter for Jeffery Epstein. She would prey on victims looking to get in to the modeling industry. She would look for kids that didn’t have any family and nobody would notice they were missing. Most of her life she was prey to the rich and famous. Used and abused passed around like a bottle of Crown Royal.

You can see her here at 14 with P Diddy.

You can see her here at 16 with Eminem,

Here she is with Bill Clinton on Canadian businessman Frank Giustra’s plane.

Here she is with Jeffery Epstein.

Here(top left) you see Racheal with someone named Waris Ahluwalla. He is a fashion designed that threw a party for Bill Clintons birthday and 10 year anniversary of the Clinton Foundation. In this collage of pics you can see he hangs out with Marina Abramovic, the lady that does the spirt cooking. Bottom right is a pic of these two with Heide Bivens (in the middle), she dated Justin Theroux. Justin is a actor that has slept with every woman in Hollywood. This starts to show you the Hollywood connection of all the sick freaks.

I told you Racheal was a photographer, here is a series of photos taken by Racheal that Q posted,

The photo above, you see some red shoes, pretty sure that is the Pope. You ever hear about the red shoe society? Here is a photo of Tony Podesta, brother of John Podesta who worked for Hillary Clintons Presidential campaign. You see Tony standing with a bunch of his friends, all wearing red shoes. To the right you see painting of kids in their under ware wearing red shoes. This is art that Tony has hanging in his house, There is a rumor the red shoes are said to be made out of skin from children.

These paintings were supposedly painted with the backdrop of a empty pool in the basement of Gloria Vanderbilt’s mansion.

Gloria Vanderbilt is Anderson Cooper’s mother. Here is a pic of the family, notice the wall art and her clothing.

This painting here is said to be of Anderson Cooper.

Here is a Q post talking about the red shoes.

Another person who belongs to the red shoe club is Bill Maher. Here he is sporting his red shoes.

I wouldn’t harsh on a man for wearing red shoes but he also owns a production company, Kid Love Productions.

Mel Gibson was blacklisted in Hollywood, his acting career ended when he spoke about Hollywood publicly. He said, “In Hollywood there is a epidemic of “parasites” who “control Hollywood” that are involved in child sacrifice and pedophilia.

Stay safe my frens!!! WWG1WGA!!!

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