Geert Vanden Bossche on the very serious danger of vaccinating babies “against” covid; the inevitability of a resurgence of serious disease from new variants that have adapted to thrive on the vaccinated

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This is an excellent interview. Whenever he speaks, Vanden Bossche adds new information that fits new conditions or that further explicates his fundamental thesis: that mass vaccinating during a hot pandemic was always doomed to failure, and worse is yet to come. In this interview, Vanden Bossche is very clear about the profound harm vaccination of babies “against” covid will do to their naive immune systems which are geared to start learning the difference between their own bodies and what is not their own body. He also says that we will know when the pandemic is starting to get very bad by a sudden increase in hospitalizations of working age vaccinees.

I might add that virtually all of our essential workers—including doctors, nurses, EMTs, police, military and more—have been fully vaccinated and boosted. We may see our societies overwhelmed as even our most essential workers are laid up with a novel pathological variant of covid. Another very significant point about our situation is vaccine uptake has been foisted on Western countries more than any others. Many things can be guessed about this, a principal one being if an enemy—internal or external—foisted this bioweapon and vaccine on the West, they are either not Western or a caste of Westerners who feel no connection and only hatred toward Western people. Vanden Bossche warns all of us to stock up on antiviral meds and much more. Highly recommended. ABN

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