“I don’t believe he’s running the country. I believe certain entities have infiltrated our country and have taken over. I believe he’s being blackmailed by these entities”

🇨🇦 “He is the worst of the worst that Canada has to offer…He wants to be a dictator.” —@TheoFleury14 on @JustinTrudeau | @TuckerToday


This same pattern is repeated in USA, Europe, Australia, and NZ. I am glad to see a clip like this being posted by Carlson himself. It does take decent intelligence and a practical imagination to see the possibility that the entire West has been infiltrated and taken over. Once you see the possibility and consider it seriously, many obscure connections become clear. Obviously, Biden is being directed by others. Consider how incompetent leaders in the other Western nations are. Not hard to see they also are being directed by others. The rewards of a decades-long war of infiltration and control are enormous. Consider the rewards compared to the small expense of buying, bribing, and blackmailing your way to total control. ABN

UPDATE: Correction: “…buying, bribing, blackmailing, and murdering your way to total control.” ABN

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