Girl, 17, who transitioned back from a boy reveals how puberty blockers and surgery have ‘irreversibly and painfully’ ruined her body as she backs Florida law blocking medical interventions

2016: Chloe said that she became exposed to transgender activism at age 11 on Instagram and Tumblr which influenced her thinking on her own gender.

2018: At age 14, Chloe began taking puberty blockers and testosterone injections, that were administered by her mother. That same year she begins going by the name Leo.

June 2020: Chloe goes under the knife for the first time at 15 when she has a double mastectomy

Almost immediately, she regrets the surgery as she was confined to her bed for that summer as she healed from her surgery

May 2021: Following a biology class during which she came to the realization that she would never be able to feed her baby, Chloe said that she stopped taking testosterone injection


Pretty much any hard-held identity is delusional in Buddhism. I do not see any way a Buddhist can honestly support surgical or hormonal transgender treatments on children, who obviously are too young to make these decisions for themselves. Not sure I see any reason to support treatments like these for adults either. Clinging to any mundane identity is the core delusion of the Second Noble Truth, the truth of the cause of suffering. Sexual orientation alone is not important enough to base an identity on. Surgically or chemically changing your body just to conform to some notion of what your “real” gender identity is is clearly excessive, not the Middle Way. As Buddhists, we do not reject people who do this just as we do not reject out of hand anyone who makes even very serious mistakes. But not rejecting is not the same a condoning or encouraging behavior that furthers delusion and suffering and does not lead toward greater wisdom. ABN

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