‘The reality of Western leaders collective decision to radically transform Western Energy Policy, post-pandemic, is the origin of our current inflation crisis; and that admission must be avoided at all costs by the ideological pretenders’

(1) Check this out (I'm venting):

”With the economy clearly in excess demand, inflation high and broadening, … the Governing Council decided to front-load the path to higher interest rates,” the bank said.


(2) ”With the economy clearly in excess demand"… That's the view of inflation, and justification, from the Bank of Canada.

Economic demand is just too strong. The economy is just too great. So, we must increase interest rates.

Think about it.

(3) No western economy is suffering from too much demand. However, the central banks and monetary policy makers are all pretending demand is driving inflation in order to justify rate increases.

One big collective game of f**king pretending.

(4) You know why they must pretend that demand is too strong?….

Because they, western leaders, all of them, collectively, do not want to admit the true origin of current inflation.

(5) The reality of their collective decision to radically transform Western Energy Policy, post-pandemic, is the origin of our current inflation crisis; and that admission must be avoided at all costs by the ideological pretenders.

(6) The demand side claim for the origin of inflation is a ruse, a con, a complete farce originally intended to backstop the claim that inflation would be “transitory” once consumer spending moderated.

They knew it was bullshit when they said it.

(7) They were not wrong by accident, they were wrong as a matter of deceit and purposeful manipulation in order to maintain the “Build Back Better” or “Green New Deal” agenda… which, I might add, benefitted from advanced Wall Street investment, globally and domestically.

(8) The Build Back Better energy policy of the collective western governments’ is driving supply side inflation.

It’s the new climate change energy policy, all being implemented by the same institutional elements, that is creating the massive increases in prices.

(9) The fascist assembly of western government and western banks/financial institutions working together to create this great game of pretending.

All of it so western govt leaders do not have to admit their ideological climate agenda is destroying economies.

(10) The post-pandemic BBB agenda has shifted the entire energy sector & created these inflationary outcomes.

The World Economic Forum, the Bank of Canada, central banks in EU and Sec Yellen and Chairman Powell all pretending not to know these are outcomes of energy policy.

(11) Western economies are already contracting, mostly because of inflation chewing up the supply side, and the central banks are raising interest rates into a world where the economy is already in a demand side recession.

(12) That's how committed they are to the collective climate agenda.

This is being done on purpose. They know consumer demand is not driving inflation. They know economic activity is contracting, not expanding. They know this.

Yet, they lie.

(13) But it's worse than just lying.

At the end of these lies are people who will suffer on a scale that is almost unimaginable. They know this also. Yet, with that in mind, the govt leaders intentionally choose this path.

It's psychotic, cult-like behavior.

(14) The collective western nations all took the same path. All of the outcomes are identical, and now all of their denials and pretenses are being maintained in a collective justification filled with carbon-based bullshit.

(15) The post-pandemic Build Back Better agenda has shifted the entire energy industry, stopped investment and resource development, and created all of these global inflationary outcomes.

And to hide all that, they blame consumers for inflation.

(16) It is the ultimate abuser-victim situation.

The abusers are blaming the victims for the punishment they need to inflict.

We, the people of western society, are in an abusive relationship with our current government leaders.

(17) It is time for things to change.

(18) /END

Originally tweeted by TheLastRefuge (@TheLastRefuge2) on July 13, 2022.

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