THE TIDE IS TURNING: Health experts are quitting the NIH and CDC in droves because they’re embarrassed by ‘bad science’ – including vaccinating children under 5 to ‘make their advice palatable to the White House’, doctors claim

‘The public has no idea how bad this data really is. It would not pass muster for any other authorization,’ said an FDA official. 

The NIH and CDC are reportedly facing staffing shortages as low morale drives away employees

Decisions like the closure of schools and then requiring face masks once they reopened led to many questioning leadership

Lately, the authorization of COVID-19 vaccines for children four years old of younger has confused some in America’s top medical agencies

Bari Weiss’ ‘Common Sense’ Substack reports that data from both Pfizer and Moderna’s clinical trials for jabs in under-5s show limited effectiveness 


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