Easy and hard problems in Western civilization and how to solve them

First the easy ones:

  1. Global warming. The earth is warming somewhat, CO2 may be involved, so might other factors like deep ocean warming. Solution for CO2 is build many more nuclear reactors.
  2. Immigration. Should be much less.
  3. Transgender surgeries for children should be banned. Trans drugs for children probably should be banned. I am not sure even adults should be allowed trans surgeries.
  4. Teaching sex stuff to young children; having drag queens perform in schools should be banned. Teachers who engage in this should be fired and lose licenses if offense is egregious.
  5. Critical race theory in K-12 schools either practiced or taught should be banned, teachers fired as above.
  6. Oil and gas in USA—drill as much as needed until nuclear can easily take over.

Most people can more or less agree on the above, even stated as bluntly as that. These and other simple issues are purposely made complex or stated as ideals to confuse people so advocates/activists can rake in the money.

The hard problems:

  1. General religious agreement. The West is not going to be saved by Christianity. The West should be open to all good religions, including atheism.
  2. General political agreement. The West has a long tradition of individualism and law-based social controls. This is an excellent core for Western civilization.

These two hard problems are difficult because they involve highest level beliefs/values. My proposal for these is put them together. The result will be a Western “religion” or “culture” that accepts individual rights in a law based social system that respects all religions that can accept this synthesis.

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