“The most unpopular opinion I’ll ever do”

This is the heartbreaking reality of what the woke activists have done to our community with their push to sexualize & indoctrinate children. So many of us feel this way. Had we known this is what our fight for equality would have led to, we wouldn’t have fought for it at all 💔

Incredible and raw video from our newest contributor, Carol. You can find her on TikTok and Instagram.

Originally tweeted by Gays Against Groomers (@againstgroomers) on July 17, 2022.

The Buddha made rules for monks and nuns ad hoc, to address something that had happened or was happening. In the video above Carol says: “If I had known… I never would have.” I think that is a very good basic formula for how to draw the line on behaviors that have gone too far. Carol states it very eloquently, in a fine example of controlled brevity. “If we had known better… we would never have agreed to that.” This is a good way to assess public policies that have not worked for us and figure out how to improve them. ABN

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