Geert Vanden Bossche has some questions for Robert Malone

I’ve been completely baffled by R. Malone’s recent statement on the Highwire. Here comes my reaction:

I have now been repeatedly contacted regarding a statement R. Malone made in a recent interview on the Highwire. 1/

In that interview, R. Malone stated that I have been wrong in concluding the mass vaccination program has been responsible for driving the dominant circulation of naturally selected SC-2 immune escape variants, and that this phenomenon was simply due to chronic infection… 2/

of immunosuppressed individuals.
While I’ve been in relative agreement on several topics with R. Malone up until this point, it is extremely difficult to grasp why he (suddenly) thought it would be important to reverse course and publicly negate my insights on this phenomenon. 3/

During our various prior interactions, R. Malone had shared that – as far as this topic was concerned – he was learning from me. However, without proposing dialogue or debate regarding this critical issue, he now accepts the (corporate?) narrative and assigns blame to… 4/

the immunosuppressed.
I’m having difficulty understanding how someone who’s often been critical of the lack of open debate within the scientific community suddenly goes down this path without so much as referencing the specific literature that led to this change in stance. 5/

I’ve attempted to contact Robert in private to address this vital issue, but have been unable to elicit a response.  If Robert feels so strongly about mass vaccination *not* being the single most important driver of the relentless succession of antigenically shifted… 6/

SC-2 variants dominating the scene, I kindly invite him to educate me on his new insights and to elaborate in a public debate on why he thinks my arguments are wrong. 7/

This is not about ego – this is about understanding the underlying mechanism of what I soon predict will cause a dramatic crisis in highly vaccinated countries. 8/8

Originally tweeted by Geert Vanden Bossche (@GVDBossche) on July 22, 2022.

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