Geert Vanden Bossche: Epidemiologic ramifications and global health consequences of the C-19 mass vaccination experiment

The following predictions are distilled from an in-depth analysis of how the precipitated evolutionary dynamics of SARS-CoV-2 (SC-2) in highly vaccinated populations enable the virus to bypass the cell-based innate immune system (CBIIS) and exhaust the adaptive immune capacity in vaccinees while providing ‘power training’ to the CBIIS of the unvaccinated. Understanding the immunological consequences of this complex phenomenon provides new insights as to why sidelining of the CBIIS dramatically enhances the susceptibility of vaccinees to re-infection with more infectious variants. Furthermore, it explains how these individuals are now forming an asymptomatic reservoir of ‘more virulent’ SC-2 variants (BA.4 and BA.5), and some other glycosylated viruses causing acute self-limiting viral infection (ASLVI) or acute self-limiting viral disease (ASLVD). Highly vaccinated populations are now igniting new viral pandemics (e.g., the ongoing pandemic of ‘more virulent’ SC-2 variants [i.e., BA.4 and BA.5]; a pending pandemic of avian influenza; the ongoing pandemic of monkeypox virus). Due to these asymptomatic reservoirs, several viruses may now also begin to spill over into animal populations. This is especially true for highly infectious viruses in animals with close proximity to humans (e.g., livestock, zoo animals). 


Very important information. ABN

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