Donald Trump and Elon Musk Have Something in Common

For Elon Musk it is the organization of Twitter with 7,500 employees dedicated to ensuring he would never succeed in his takeover effort.  From the board of directors to the data engineers who build the controlling algorithms, to the third-party service providers who manage the data demand, there are likely only a handful of people within the entire corporation who would welcome the type of change Elon Musk represents.

As a result of the scale of opposition, any organizational takeover would ultimately deliver a company filled with sleeper cells and activist agents who consider it their personal and ideological mission to destroy the social media platform rather than accept change.  The purchase effort was doomed from the outset, considering Musk represented something akin to Rand Paul being nominated to lead the World Bank or Federal Reserve.  Some stuff just isn’t possible.

We The People attempted the Musk route when we sent President Donald Trump into Washington DC.  However, instead of one institution with 7,500 people, it was dozens of institutions housing hundreds of thousands of entrenched ideologues.  Most MAGA voters did not realize it at the time because grade school civics was never updated with our post-9/11 political outcome.


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