Sen. Chuck Grassley says a DOJ whistleblower has approached him to blow the lid on ‘scheme’ among FBI officials to bury negative information about Hunter Biden

Republican Senator Chuck Grassley demands FBI and DoJ answer allegation from whistleblower they downplayed negative information on Hunter Biden

Grassley, in letter to agencies, cites ‘highly credible’ whistleblowers claiming information was downplayed ahead of 2020 election

Whistleblower alleges that was a ‘scheme’ to ‘undermine derogatory information connected to Hunter’ by falsely flagging it as disinformation 

Grassley is the ranking member on the Senate Judiciary Committee, which oversees the FBI and Justice Department


Who in their right mind doubts something like this absolutely, without question, 100% definitely happened and happens all the time? Our govt is a club that serves itself and protects its own. Trump is a threat ergo they spend all their time trying to destroy him. Witness also the J6 “hearings” are simply more of the same. Nothing will come of Grassley’s information, of course. Filing this one under “corruption,” “humor,” and “Big Govt.” ABN

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