Well, bad news for the Emergency Forensics Team attempting to obfuscate the numbers at the CDC/NCHS

Well, bad news for the Emergency Forensics Team attempting to obfuscate the numbers at the CDC/NCHS.

First, your team did not make any headway on resolving the redacted SADS and Cancer deaths back into the data base – in fact they regressed a little bit.


Of the 30,400 missing death records, 28,700 are from the SADS and Cancer death causes ICD-10 codes.

Apparently posting 6,600 of them to other causes was as far as you could get.

So, a big pause in the work effort this last week, huh?

[This is very important information. If you have the skills to understand it, please continue reading and share with others. This is a quivering smoking needle of scientific fraud, deliberate hiding of data, conniving the public. ABN]


But there is a bit more bad news.

First, I have added those missing deaths back into my databases. And the result does not look good.

We are at a 4.8 sigma on Excess Non-Covid Natural Deaths. Actually



And unfortunately, despite your not maintaining the R00-R99 death ICD-10 bucket correctly – these 19,600 unprocessed deaths must eventually post somewhere…

And we all have seen where that death group posts to…


Reposting the missing 30.400 deaths is one thing, but you have even moreso, a third problem.

Although provisional, new cancer deaths are coming in high and – these deaths will not be redacted so easily.

What are you going to do?


Likewise Non-Covid Natural Cause Deaths are back high again at 4.8 sigma.

You have an enormous problem CDC/NCHS, and you know it.

These deaths aren’t going away like you banked upon. The Emergency Forensics Team is in a quandary what to do.

I feel ya dawg… I really do…


Originally tweeted by Ethical Skeptic ☀ (@EthicalSkeptic) on July 27, 2022.

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