This OpEd will show that the underreporting factors (URFs) for COVID-19 “vaccine”-induced deaths in VAERS have been vastly underreported, resulting in lower numbers of COVID-19 “vaccine”-induced deaths in the total population than have been actually experienced.  The OpEd will present the URF computations in the context of a cost-benefit analysis of COVID-19 “vaccines” for the elderly (65+), where costs are the deaths induced by the COVID-19 “vaccines” and benefits are the true COVID-19 deaths that only a COVID-19 “vaccine” could have prevented.  The analysis will start with a cost-benefit analysis based on CDC-supplied COVID-19 death numbers and COVID-19 “vaccine” death numbers and then correct for both these CDC-supplied numbers to get real-world cost-benefit results for the COVID-19 “vaccines.”  Both the URFs and the cost-benefit ratios are high, even for the 65+ demographic who have highest priority and need for any COVID-19 “vaccine” or treatment.


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