If you think USA has not been infiltrated and already taken over by enemy forces, then explain why our top three most powerful politicians are all either senile, drunk, hopelessly stupid or all three. I do give each of them credit for criminal savvy and the ability slither to the top of the theatrical power structure. Seriously, these three fools even without adding an abundance of additional evidence prove USA has been taken over by a gang or cabal that appears to also control Europe, Canada, Australia, and NZ. WEF is yet another public face of this cabal. The takeover has been actively ongoing since the end of WW2. Epstein and Maxwell were one of many hybrid military subgroups that acted as blackmailers, assassins, provocateurs. Cabal consolidated a great deal of federal power under Obama. We have seen them lash out with relentless savagery at Donald Trump, who threatens their hold on power. We watched them steal the election and weaken USA through covid. And now we are watching them goad Russia and China into WW3. ABN

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