EXCLUSIVE: Leaked files expose how U.S. pediatricians accuse their own professional body of pushing a ‘harmful’ drugs-first approach on trans teens — and of deliberately BLOCKING moves to change the rules

  • DailyMail.com obtained leaked files that expose how rank-and-file pediatricians are slamming their academy for pushing puberty-blocking drugs on teens who identify as transgender
  • The American Academy of Pediatrics causes ‘great harm’ with drug cocktails to youngsters, member says 
  • Top youth medical body pushes ‘unsafe and unsustainable’ policies based on ‘scant and shoddy’ evidence, says another
  • New AAP rules blocked a resolution calling for a policy rethink at annual meeting in Chicago
  • AAP says its policies are evidence-based, widely accepted, subject to review, and best bet for vulnerable teens
  • Critics say the academy has bowed to pressure from ‘young activist doctors’  
  • Did you suffer from bad transgender care? Email James.Reinl@mailonline.com

Good article, worth reading. Looks like another medical fiasco of control from the top through censorship and intimidation. Top-down control is what corralled one million US doctors into covid obedience. In Buddhism no mundane “identity” is inherently real in itself. All of them are empty, devoid of self or “own being.” Thus medically changing your body to “correct” it to fit an ephemeral notion of “identity” is on its face an egregious mistake, an act of delusion with potentially very serious consequences. To encourage a young person to take harmful medication or to undergo destructive surgery to fulfill a delusive fantasy of this sort is not right. For a doctor to do this, worse for a pediatrician to do this, is a grave act of malpractice especially when the AAP is deliberately avoiding public, transparent, scientific debate on this very serious matter. ABN

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