Neuroscience research suggests LSD might enhance learning and memory by promoting brain plasticity

…the findings provide evidence that “even a single dose of LSD can promote neural plasticity and enhance cognition in healthy adults, several days after the LSD administration,” Ribeiro told PsyPost. However, the researcher noted that “we still need to learn more about age differences, potential gender differences and the role of the context (setting) in the modulation of the effects.”

“Psychedelics have been demonized since the 1960s, and in the past decade they have returned to biology and medicine through the front door,” Ribeiro added. “However, the utility of psychedelics is not restricted to the treatment of patients with a pathological condition. They can also be very useful to improve the cognition of healthy individuals, i.e., they should be seen not just as medicine, but also as part of human life at large.”


The study: Nootropic effects of LSD: Behavioral, molecular and computational evidence

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