Motive Clear, DOJ Search Warrant Was to Seize Every Single Document During Entirety of President Trump Term in Office, Regardless of Classification

…I would emphasize one major point and draw attention to something in the background that almost no-one noticed years ago.

First, the search warrant was not specific, was not detailed, was not drawn out to avoid targeting ancillary items unrelated to the DOJ mission at heart.  The warrant itself was structured to seize every scintilla of documentary evidence, seen, created, or produced during President Trump’s term in office.  Literally every shred of paper. [WARRANT LINK]

This issue stands out for a host of reasons.  One of them speaks to the mindset of a judge who would authorize the raid itself.  What judge would authorize a raid on the home of the president with the parameters to seize “Any government and/or presidential record created between January 20, 2017 and January 20, 2021?”

That’s literally everything, including Christmas cards, notes, letters of appreciation from Americans, internal correspondence, the works.  Every shred of documentary evidence associated with the office of the President from the day he stepped into office until the day he left.  That’s the parameters for the seizure.

If that doesn’t showcase the targeting effort, nothing will.  That is an absurd demand that no president in the history of this nation has ever faced.  No DOJ official in any capacity past or present would ever consider that an appropriate parameter for a document seizure, until now.  THAT showcases the intensity of the DOJ and FBI effort to target Donald J Trump.

…There is no greater example of political targeting than what we are witnessing right now.


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