The “Stink of Corruption,” better understood as the foul stench of the dead body of Western civilization


Neil does an OK job with this talk but stops well short of fully understanding the severity of our plight. We are not just “being taken for a ride.” We have been infiltrated and taken over. We are actively and deliberately being destroyed. We have almost entirely lost an asymmetric war, a hybrid war that has taken control of all of the cultural high ground in the West over the past seven decades. We are now ruled by bold usurpers who are using our societies for their own ends. The origins of this takeover go back centuries to ancient cultures and gangs that are still here today, still assuming the same ancient values and beliefs and acting on them with impunity. Surrounding and sucking up to these gangs are hordes of parasites, toadies and wannabes whose main skills are knowing how and wanting to climb the slimy career ladders being offered them. ABN

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