Anarchic information has won the debate: The people can handle uncontrolled information and triumph

One beautiful thing about our time is we can clearly see that anarchic information—information that is not controlled—is good and better than controlled information. For ages there has been a philosophical fear that if information is not controlled (“curated” in current parlance), people will be misled and chaos will ensue. The opposite has clearly happened with all things covid. It has been the anarchic information streams that have consistently provided the best information and consistently weeded out bad information. Information coming from blogs like this one, Rumble, Bitchute, Odysee, Substack, TruthSocial, Telegram, and the edges of Twitter has proved to be better by far than information coming from the CDC, NIH, WH, Congress, NYT, WaPo, MSNDC, etc. “Mainstream information” has been so bad during covid, it has even swallowed up science, scientific debate, normal clinical medical practice, and more. Contrast Vlaardingerbroek with Bourla, or Peter McCullough with Tony Fauci, the Ethical Skeptic with the Bill Gates. During covid, vast streams of uncontrolled, anarchic information have very beautifully won possibly for all time the argument that “the masses” cannot handle raw information, that it must be controlled. It is clearer today than ever in history that controlling information is synonymous with the people in power controlling their own power and nothing more. The example of covid can legitimately be extrapolated to all other public issues. ABN

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